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I have installed KS Hairdos - HDT SMP (Physics) which is for female Player Chars only, as a male. NPC Outfitter for KS Hairdos HDT SMP makes it so that I can give any female NPC a wig with physics - it works and just looks fine. But when having sex and changing from foreplay to fucking they change back to their original hairstyle - close but no cigar sotosays.


- Is there a mod that does that better?
- Is there a way to fix this?

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3 hours ago, notimportanterik said:

there is a patch floating around that fixes the reverting back to non-smp har....



Just tested it toggling thru all the animations I have, she never unequipped the wig = it works ❤️

Thank you so much, you've earned a thumbup with your very first post. :)

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If this has been asked, please forgive, but I use the KSSMP wigs and every time I add a wig to an npc, as soon as I leave that cell and come back, they have stashed it in their inventory and ignore me. Is there a way to make that permanent? I use simple npc clothing replacer, which is great, I CAN add it to their outfit, then requip their outfit, but that is a bit of a pain. Anyone have an 'easy button' I can use?

Thanks in advance.

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