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Skyrim Adult mod category post

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So I can find this post anymore and I would love to find it again. This post had a bunch of mods with link and all broking up in different categories such as BDSM, RAPE, Bestiality, and ect. I was hoping someone knows what I'm talking about and can provide the link for it. Thank you in advice. 

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Just be aware that the Legendary Edition thread posted above is deprecated so any mod in there should be vetted to make sure there hasn't been a "Revamped", "Redux" i.e. a newer version maintained by a different mod author, or if in fact it shouldn't be used at all other than getting some idea for what you might want to consider.  It's probably better to start with something like the Conglomerate guide in my signature.  But it is cool to see what the mods were like 8 years ago and there's a handful of them that are still around and some of the older ones still work.

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