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Help: Positions

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Which sex mod are you talking about? I'm going to assume that it is xlovers/lovers with pk.

Ok, if you've downloaded the main packs then you will only get the basic animations, if you search the forums (use the search bar, type in words like "animation" or something) then you will be able to get more positions during sex.

To install an animation pack all you have to do is put the ini's (that come with the pack) in the oblivion/data/ini folder. And put the .kf's in the oblivion/data/meshes/characters/_male/idleanims/ani2 folder. Got it?

Now you should be able to use these animations during sex with an actor. For extra creature sex animations, you must go to the Creature vs NPC project and install that like you would with any mod (hopefully you use OBMM to install mods).

One last thing, if you want to see NPC's use these new animations you must use the set lovers experiences self spell in your Oblivion spellbook. Then go to positions and then select the use additional animation thingy (or something like that).

Okaydokay, I hope this helped you.

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