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The Sims 4 Criminal Hideout/Strip Club

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Located at Fledermaus Bend the secret location of the new Sims 4 Criminal Hideout. This Criminal Hideout also functions as a strip club & brothel.
Built by genius criminal mastermind, "Ruthless Reese" Marroquin the leader of "The CrimeNals", this low-key hideout is blended in with Forgotten Hollow's undisturbed darkness.
See the CrimeNals and their hideout in this movie trailer!...

The following packs are required along with the "Wicked Whims" mod for this lot to function properly: Basegame
, Get Famous, Seasons, City Living, Get Together, Get To Work, Ream Of Magic, Dine Out, Spa Day, and Perfect Patio.

This is my first lot upload. I have better lots to share with you all as time affords me.
Meanwhile, please check out my content in my videos and Like and Subscribe. Thanks! That helps!




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this is the most empty looking lot ive ever seen. so much empty space for such a gigantic building for no reason. 

I also like the description "blended in with forgotten hollow" as the building is just a giant ass block... yeah... definitely blends right in...

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