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Addam Bear Preset

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Addam Bear Preset

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Hi, today i made i made another preset. This time i wanted to make a really big guy, i really got better at making presets i dont think i will need to update this one, i didnt find anithing wrong with him. Hes not lumpy and i think he looks quite good on the cas and on the game. Because his belly is reallly big some clothes look funny in him but other than that hes pretty good. I am really pround of this one so let me know what you think. To put it on the game just put it on your mod folder. I had a problem on this preset beacause the  bear thumbnail that i made just didnt work on the game it was not showing up on cas so i had to use a old thumbnail. If anyone knows why my bear thumbnay was not working please let me know and i will try to fix it. Thank for downloading my content ❤️?!! I did use cc sliders so i could make his boobs and belly bigger it was gaylords ass sliders, muffin top belly sliders and another one on the chest that i dont know the name ,but the preset looks good even with just the base game sliders.27-08-21_01-31-38.png.fdb0141e9f3e4b9b8a71fab19bfbd335.png


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