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(Mod concept) Sex & Living: Law and Order

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This is a mod concept that aims to add a justice and law system including reporting crimes, npcs committing crimes, dynamic laws and orders being issued, a court system with the jarls and a new prison and punishment system decided upon the jarls. Anyone who is interested on using these ideas and create a mod or use these ideas and integrate into your own mod is welcome I would love to see these ideas in action.


Dynamic laws:


Each jarl will have their own opinion on different aspects of the justice system and society. Each hold will have different laws depending on the attitude and society within the hold. Laws such as murder and theft are all similar across the holds, punishments might be different across them, but laws such as marriage and relationships can exist and change depending on the hold you are in. For example, same sex relationships might be allowed in the hold of Solitude but in Windhelm they might be punishable if caught or reported. These laws can change, one day same sex relationships might be illegal but after some meetings or persuasion the jarl might reconsider and change this law. The pc could talk to the jarl and use speech or other persuasion techniques such as a duel or sex to attempt to get laws changed or they can wait it out and hope for the best. 


New laws and orders added:


Jarls may randomly enact or get rid of these laws


>Same sex relationships - Being caught married, having sex, or sleeping in the same bed with someone of the same sex as the pc. (Could include being caught dating or relationships added with Sex and Living: Marriage depending what is thought of).


>Curfew - Jarls might set a curfew due to the civil war brewing and want to keep civilian safe. After a certain time at night Civilians are not allowed outside their homes. Those who are homeless are expected to take shelter in the city temples or avoid the guards. Get caught and you are off for the night in the dungeon.


>Civilains carrying and owning weapons and armor - Sometimes materials are hard to come by especially in times of war. Jarls can make Civilians turn over weapons and armor to be used during the war causing blacksmiths to go out of business and force to close during this time.


>Adultery- If married and you are caught having sex with someone else.


>Indecent exposure- Having your crotch and or boobs exposed without being a registered prostitute and in your workplace will land you with eyes and a court to deal with.


NPC crimes:


When you are walking about skyrim you are now not the only trouble maker in the lands. Guards will now have to deal with drunken brawls, like they say they do, assaults, pickpockets, rape and more. Be careful when walking about as you could be a target for such a crime. Guards will approach the Civilians involved and will arrest and escort the npc to the jail where they will be sentenced like the pc. The pc can see the criminals that are sentenced be punished in different ways (refer to punishment section for pc and npc punishments for crimes.) 


Reporting crimes:


Guards will no longer be able to instantly tell when a crime is being committed. To begin with the criminal needs to be spotted committing the crime, then they need to find the nearest guard and report it to them. The guard may go alone or may go and get backup before going to the reported crime. If the criminal is still at the scene they will be detained and sent off to the nearest dungeon. If the criminal is not found at the crime scene a description of the persons clothes will be taken and a name will be given if the criminal could be identified. To avoid being identified its best to wear a hood or a mask or something to cover your head and face and not to go parading around town wearing the same clothes you committed a crime in. Equally the pc can report and make false reports to guards who will investigate and arrest npcs. However, if the pc makes false reports they could be faced with being arrested for making false reports and face punishment. 


Arresting process:


When the suspect is discovered the arrested guard will approach and announce they are under arrest. Npcs can either surrender or bribe the guard. The pc can either surrender, bribe, pursade or offer sex. Bribing, pursading and offering sex can have a chance to get the pc off of being arrested however the guard might still take the bribe or sex and still arrest the pc and might even add bribery as an additional charge on top of the arresting charges. If the pc surrenders they will turn around and place their hands behind their back and cuffed. The guard will pat the pc down and confiscate any weapons in their inventory. The guard will lead the pc to the nearest dungeon where the pc will be handed over to the jailer. The jailer will strip the player and search them before giving them prison rags and taking them to a cell. Might contain other prisoners or could be empty. The pc will spend the night in the cell before being collected and escorted to the jarl where a court session will begin.


Justice Court:


When its time to go to court, the pc will be collected from the prison and escorted to the Jarl. The Jarl will sit on their throne with their advisors standing beside them. The guard will escort the pc infront and would be ordered to kneel infront of the jarl. The pc can either obey and kneel infront of the Jarl which will give them a approval point. Approval points are a system which can be gained or lost during a court session. In order to get out innocent the pc will need to obtain a set amount of approval points. These points can be earned by being pursasive and honest, without admitting to being guilty for the crime. However, if you fail to be pursassive or caught lying, by failing to give the same answer again if asked to repeat your story, you will lose some or all of your approval points. During the court the Jarl could call in witnesses which will state they saw you committing the crime or even summon your companion if they were arrested along with you to testify against you. You will be given a chance to call in a defence statement which will allow you to summon your own companions, guild allegience, except for the thieves and dark brotherhood, or even your spouce who will give a statement telling the Jarl what sort of person, could be positive or negative which could serverly harm or aid your approval points. Depending where you are and who you request to speak on your behalf your court could be put on hold for a day if the person you have requested has to travel to the Jarls court, however, if the person you request is in the city you are in they would be summoned immediately to speak. At the end of the court or if your approval points are negative the Jarl will say they have heard enough and will give out the pc punishment sentence. If you have companions and they were arrested with you they will also receive their own trials behind the scenes and be given punishments just like the pc therefore you could see them being escorted from their cells to be paraded or put in a pillory or more. As a result to this you could get off free and your companion goes down for your crimes, or vise versa, but you could attempt to break them out and hope they will forgive you for what you have done.




>Jail time - Your crime wasn’t too serious or your approval points show you aren’t so bad so you are going to wait out your time in the dungeon. But itndowsn’t mean you off with a slap on the wrist and a little wait. The jailer will still be able to whip you and use you but at least you have some privacy I guess….apart from the other prisoners. Used for all types of crimes.


>Public pillory - You can be escorted down to a public area like the markets within the cities and locked inside a pillory for a period of time (4-6 hours maybe). During this type npcs can approach and insult and degrade you and use and abuse you. They could whip you, spank you, play with your body, fuck you, put bondage toys like plugs and gags on you, etc. The jailer will return to take you back to your cell and remove all the additional bondage when you get back.


>Chastity Parole - You have been able to persuade the Jarl or Jailer to give you temporary freedom and it worked! But you must be kept in check. Before you are freed you will be equipped and locked in a chastity belt and bra to remind you. You will need to report back to the jailer once your sentence is up in order to get the restraints removed. Butttt if the sentence is too long I guess a friendly blacksmith could be pursaded to get you out, just be careful not to break the locks you will still need the devices, a horney spouse who needs your loving embrace or a thief who can pick the lock for a price. If you decide to get let out just make sure you keep the devices ar hand because a guard might pull you to the side to inspect your chastity parole or when you report back to the jailer. If the terms of the parole are discovered to have been broken its back to jail and another court session for the previous crimes and or bounty. Used for low to mid crimes and bounties.


>Fine - For some crimes you may be expected to pay a fine for example for being caught lockpicking and that would be your punishment or you could be expected to pay a fine on top of another punishment. You can decide to pay the fine no questions asked or you can refuse to pay the fine if you have the money or not. If you accept to pay the fine you will have so many days to pay it before you are wanted again for avoiding the charges. If you fail to pay the fine on time or refuse to pay the fine and own a property within the hold, including hearthfire homes, they can be seized by the guard and locked under the guards watch until the fine plus additional fines are paid. If you don’t own property or stoll don’t pay the fines you will be rearrested and charged with additional crimes making your punishment worse.


>Property seizure - if a property seizure is put into place your key to your home within the hold will be taken and or your property will be locked with a random difficulty lock with a guard patrolling nearby. All your items within your home will become property of the jarl until you the seizure is over. If you have a spouse they will send you a letter saying they have been forced out and tell you where they are going, usually back to their default home, and any children will go along with them or if you don’t have a spouse your children will be sent either to the orphanage or left out on the streets lost and homeless. You could sneak your way in past the guard and pick the lock breaking in to reobtain your gear but be careful because the guard might notice the lock and enter to investigate so you will need to either hide, get out without being caught or accept and be arrested.


>parade- You are going to be used as an example. The jarl and the jailer are having too many problems and they are going to use you as an example. You are locked in the dungeon completely naked and must wait to be collected. Once collected the jailer will escort the pc to the entrance of the jarls building before releasing the restraints. The pc is escorted around the city for everyone to see the pc naked body. Every now and then you will be stopped and whipped for everyone to see before being dragged along the rest of the parade. There is a chance other prisoners could join the parade and be paraded around naked as well. Once back at the dungeon you are released from your restraints to rest waiting for your next parade. Parades won’t happen every day so if you are lucky and gets 5 day sentence you could get away with only being peraded once. The rest of the time is like jail time. This sentence would be used for mid to high crimes and bounties 


Shame parade - Got too much pride? Too much selfconfidence? This will break you down. Similar to the parade but when you get outside you are equipped with cuffs, restraining boots, a gag and a blindfold. You are escorted around bound and beaten but also when you stop guards or npcs can bend you over and use and abuse your holes. This sentence would be used for mid to high crimes and bounties.


>Jarls assistant - The jarl likes what they see and wants to experience. Be used as the jarls assistant for the day and all is forgiven. You start by giving the jarl a blow job or other oral sex before being escorted to the jarls chambers where you must wait in the room for the jarl to come and use you for sex. Leaving the room and being spotted by a guard will get you escorted back to the room get caught attempting to escape and well court is back in session. You will need to spend the night with the jarl before being released in the morning. This sentence is only used for light crimes and low bounties. 


>Mages assistant- The jarl has decided you can help the court mage with some research into mind manipulation and sex magic. You are escorted to the mage where you are stripped and explained that you will be used for an experiment. The mage will cast a spell on you making you uncontrollable horney making you touch and feel yourself. The mage will cast another spell binding you up before leaving you dripping horney for an hour before returning to see the spell is working. They will cast the spell to release you from your binds before casting mind manipulation on you and ordering you to have a threesome with the mage and the jarl. Once done you will be escorted to the dungeon where you will spend the night before being released in the morning.


>Execution - For serious crimes the pc could be sentenced to death. Each hold will have its own method of execution, for example Solitude uses beheading whereas whiterun decides to hang their prisons. This would be a serious situation because of you don't escape you will be killed. To escape you can try and make a break for it on the way to your execution or attempt to break out of the cell before. Do whatever it takes to escape death.


Consequences of crimes:


Serving time and being punished won’t just make everything go away. Somepeople might still hate you for what you have done or think you got off lightly so watch your back. Someone might target you for either an assault (attacking you until you get knocked down), bondage attack (lock you in random bondage gear), or even kidnap you for their own form of justice. 


consequence: Kidnapped


You could be kidnapped and wake up bound in either their home or a cabin in the wilderness where they will torture and abuse you and make you “pay”. You will need to be strong to endure, pursassive to deceive, or skilled in escaping. You will suffer all kinds of mental and physical abuse from being whipped and beaten to electrocuted and burnt to even being killed or sold as a slave (linked to simple slavery.) How long you last will be determined by your interactions with the kidnapper. Being sorry and repenting could get you free, being threatening and intimidating could get you free or punished even more or by being sneaky and escaping without being caught. If your unable to get out yourself surely there is someone in skyrim that would notice your ass hasn’t been around lately and hopefully guards will investigate and save you before you meet your end. Escaping won’t be as easy as finding the door and running you are bound and need to be punished you will need to find a key to your restraints or a lockpick and then you will need to find a key or lockpick to the front door and any other door in your way like a bedroom door. But be careful the kidnapper could return at any point and if your out of your restraints and or moving about your going to know about it.





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