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Help me pick mods for Sexlab beta

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Hey guys I’m fairly new to this side of skyrim mods, I’ll be modding special edition. So far I’ve gotten sexlab (beta version) up and running and the aroused/dripping mod in there. I’m contemplating devious devices but wanted to know what are the general “essential” mods. I know SOS is a general one but what are some others, also I’ve seen one in screen shots that has some on screen prompts for the actors to do different things in circular buttons and wasn’t sure which mod that would be. Thanks and if I’m in the wrong spot I apologize I’ll be happy to correct any mistakes.

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2 hours ago, CPU said:

Why sexlab beta?

Are you using Special Edition version of SexLab?


In case I will move your request in the correct section.

I’m not entirely sure I have a specific reason I just seen some comments that it runs pretty well with most things and I believe I read sexlab lite was pretty out of date. I tried referencing guides and they seemed to vary so I got confused and just settled for the beta since it seemed the top result when I googled “sexlab skyrim se”, my reasoning is very simple at times lmao.

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