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BUBBLES REVAMPED.zip is a custom Sims 4 body preset with a small waist, big butt, thick thighs, and flat stomach.
The picture is an actual ingame screenshot of a sim I created with the "Bubbles Revamped" body preset, so that's how it looks with very little use of sliders.
All my body presets are on the more realistic and sexy side! I'm closing in on 100 custom body presets which most are at my website www.killasims.com
Plus, I have beautiful sims of all colors available for download. Everything is free with no ads!


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if u can make it work better with dumbaby 

File name:

"Dumbaby Female bottom genitals + butt mesh (upd 26 March).zip"

It would go really well, sadly has lot of streaks on her butt from the stretch. but other than that, love the mod. I can always try other bottom mods that might go better with it if needed. Great Work with mod!



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