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Hiya, I'm Abelle! I'm new to the forum itself, but have been a LONG-TIME lurker and recently decided I wanted to begin creating video content and thought I would finally join the forum, to both thank everyone for everything they produce for TS4, as well as to showcase what I've been working on. I'm 23, from Stavanger, Norway, currently living in Los Angeles, California. I can't even begin to express the amount of time I have been both writing down my fantasies in notebooks and fleshing them out in-game, but the idea came to me, to begin working on content in where I can kinda unveil this whole story I've had in my brain for years.


Currently, I have a profile set up on "xvideos" and have the first two episodes of my series, the "Del Sol Size Queen", with a third dropping sometime tomorrow. The story follows Abelle, lol, and takes place in a world where sex is the norm - even in the open, and sex and drugs kinda rule together.


If you're interested, please visit the profile and enjoy! My videos are under the "videos" tab. I've used so much content from this forum and can't thank all of you enough for all the incredible work you've produced and continue to produce. It has absolutely helped me realize some of the fantasies I've harbored for a long, long time!



I'm excited to FINALLY begin getting into the thick of this forum, getting to know you all and sharing my work!


Lastly, I apologize if I've somehow posted this in the wrong forum (let me know, please) and am wondering where I can begin posting when new episodes are uploaded (as in, where can I place a post where I can update with new releases). Thanks, everyone!

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