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Using sexlab framework to create combat paired animations

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I love doing skyrim cinematic machinimas. I have all the sexual scenes I need to create Game of Thrones level dramas, however I need a combat system, where two actors generate a combat choreography based on stages like the sexlab mods.

I have surfed all over the internet, but couldn't find any mod for pair combat animations.

Puppeter master works a bit, but it is very tedious to create a well connected choreography. Especially because the times almost never coordinateand I need to use free camera shots and it is a nightmare. 

I can record 2 NPCs fighting, but it looks horrible because there is no intelligence or action in their combat.

I imagine that the sexlab framework is precise to achieve something like this. Instead of sexual scenes, combat scenes where each phase is a stage of the battle, for example:

Stage 1: Actor 1 attacks, actor 2 blocks
Stage 2: Actor 2 from stage 1 attack, actor 1 dodge
Stage 3: Actor 1 from last frame on stage 2 jump on attack, actor 2 get hit

After this i can use puppeter master to perform a kill Move with actor 2.

I know this is possible due to some aggresive sex animations that have little attacks on it.

Is there such a thing? Is there a mod in nexus that allows combat choreography?

Do you know a good sexlab animator who can accept something like this as a request on patreon?

Thank u in advance!

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You still need to create the animations.

They will not be normal combat animations, they will be specific animations.

SexLab will play them synchronous, so they will "align".


At the end, probably you just want a paired animation that is a simple HKX file where two actors are defined.

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