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Serana Dialogue where, she's not a victim.

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Love to know if there is a mod or if anyone wants to make a mod where Serana is not crying about her life. A mod where she is proud about being a Vampire Lord. Wicked and cruel. She enjoys sex, torturing her victims and loves it when you drain your enemies of their blood. I think this would make her the companion that a vampire playthrough absolutely needs. I've been modding for awhile now and its time for me to get off my butt and start learning the skills to make this mod but, if anyone knows of a mod like this or is interested in making it......I would defiantly like to know. I also, realize that the manipulation to the story line will be a tremendous project but, just think of the possibilities.....after you play with your victim "Sexlab Defeat" style she says something like "is it finally my turn"  or "don't use that bandit all up before I get a go" Maybe, she betrays her father for power and not because its the right thing to do.....anyways what are your thoughts on this?.......

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