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HoT&WeT v1.43 for LE   SE Page   SE & LE Support Thread

HoT&WeT is a Toys&Love Framewok, content mod & includes the HoT&WeT Toy Box 



My Dearest Reader, 


Skyrim is a wild and wondrous land, full of mystery and riches for the intrepid and brave adventurer.  Whether you seek gold or glory, knowledge or power you can find Fate's fulfillment within her bounds.  Though there are trials and travails and foes aplenty, there is one danger above all that claims those who visit these fair lands.

You see Dearie, Skyrim is a land as bitter and cold as a Draugr's heart and that cold claims more lives than simple brigands or giants.  Your precious swords cannot hold the cold at bay and it sinks through the cracks and crevices of your shiny armor to gnaw on the bones beneath.

But fear you not, for there is a solution to such problems and that is the service I humbly offer Dearie.  If you want protection from the relentless frost I can provide you with the items you seek.  Simply seek me out and we can strike a bargain depending upon your needs.  Unlike the harsh and bitter cold, I shall not bite but will instead see to all of your needs provided you are willing to pay my price.


Your humble servant Dearie, 
Baltus Aurum




HoT&WeT has a significant quest and includes a Toy Box.


In addition, HoT&WeT provides warming, wetness, and overheating effects, making use of Toys' Thermal Strength feature. It uses Toys' Rousing, Denial, Fondle, and Oversexed features extensively. These all work while questing with other Toys content mods when Frostfall is installed.



Baltus, according to his letter above, awaits you. The quest will teach you to deny orgasms, fondle, and avoid becoming too oversexed, to survive the cold using Thermal Toys. You will find yourself in possession of new toys along the way, and a reward allowing you to acquire more toys uniquely. To start, speak to a Khajiit trader.



Causes uncontrollable love.


Glacier Themed Toy Box

The HoT&Wet Toy Box is themed for the snow. It includes 18 Glacier Themed, rustic toys, 6 of which become Thermal Toys that warm you, when they melt. The toys include the use of a broad spectrum of effects, buffs, and escape methods available in Toys.


Additionally, there are several other Thermal Toys, in other Toy Boxes (the ones that melt), and they too will provide warming.


Frost Fall Support

This mod can be used without installing Frostfall if you only wish to use the Toy Box.

Warming/wetness/overheating mechanics, and the quest, require Frostfall.


Warming, Overheating, and Wetness

These are the main features added by HoT&WeT. See Warming, Wetness, and Overheating.


How to Start

Speak to a Khajiit trader. Their caravans travel between different settlements.


 Requirements, Installation, & Upgrading

See the details...


For SE, go HERE




  • Frostfall LE V3.4.1+   required for the quest and mechanics. Not a hard requirement if you only wish to use the Toy Box
  • Voice Pack By Dr. John Zoidberg


  1. Make sure you've installed the Requirements listed above, including Frostfall if you wish to use more than the Toy Box
  2. Download a HoT&WeT package from this page, choosing the one that matches your body. CBBE and UUNP are supported
  3. Install with a Mod Manager
  4. Build for the group HoT&WeT with Bodyslide. See Building toys in Bodyslide.  One of the most common mistakes is not getting this step right
  5. Once in game use Toys MCM option Toys&Love MCM Installation Test on the Setup tab. If the test fails, Steps to fix if the test in MCM failed. This mod will not work if that test fails

Golden Rule - don't corrupt your save



Toys Family of Mods - Listing of mods using or supporting Toys

Warming, Wetness, and Overheating

Change Log




 Credits & Permissions

The Toys Team

Mercplatypus - Story & Dialogue / VirginMarie - Scripting / Audhol - Toy Creation / Slappa - Animations





  1. You can NOT post this mod or any of its parts (including any derived works) without my explicit permission
  2. You can NOT incorporate any of the code in any for-profit project
  3. You can NOT use any of the code in a closed source project
  4. You CAN otherwise use the code for your own projects as long as you include all source code with your distribution and allow others to use your own code in a similar fashion and give credit with link
  5. Permission for the many assets listed with authors above, require that you obtain your own permission from the author



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