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Help With Fallout 4 Crashing On 'New Game'

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So I've been trying to run Fallout 4 with some mods and I just finished installing them all for a second time (first time it wouldn't launch so I uninstalled the game, mods and deleted the ini files). I went through and took it category by category, launching the game after each to make sure it was running.


Everything went fine up until installing my last batch of mods when the game kept CTD without even reaching the main menu. I disabled all the mods since my last test but the game was still crashing. I eventually figured out it was NAC (I guess it was conflicting with another mod? Not sure why it didn't crash my game till the very end of my installs though, cause if it was conflicting with one of those mods, surely disabling them would've fixed it?).


Anyway, finally got into the main menu but now whenever I click load game, new game or even the mods tab I get a short loading screen before a CTD. I also noticed that the main menu music replacer mod I installed was only working about one in every 5 launches, 4/5 played the regular menu theme. Checked MO2 though and none of my mods were being disabled so I don't think that I'm getting that weird issue MO2 does sometimes where it just randomly disables stuff, but I can't access the in-game mods tab to check the load order to confirm that.

I really don't want to have to install ALL my mods again, it's already taken me about 2 days to get everything back after the first time I did that so any help is greatly appreciated.


Here's my load order (might look all over the place because I have been frantically disabling/enabling stuff but this load order was immediately after a LOOT sort. Don't normally run LOOT, feel like it breaks my game more often than not, but I was desperate to try anything to fix this): https://pastebin.com/tiyyQ5wU


Also the crash log from F4SE/Buffout 4: https://pastebin.com/6VPiGh6z

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Assuming you have invalidated your archives and you used the uninstall option and reset all the settings from the menu of the NAC holotape as this will prevent crashes to the existing saves that had the mod installed. Should this not solve your problem, you don't have to install your mods again but the simple method is just try disabling them in groups or one by one to find the main culprit or you could just use FO4Edit to find which conflicts with the NAC. I've completely changed my main menu theme for my own personal taste and haven't got any issues since they just basically change your main menu music and is not a mod.

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How many actual plugins do you have running is the question, I'm looking at like 400 esps here. You realize the plugin limit is 255?

Anywho, I would start by removing Snap n Build, old mods that also do "too much" that haven't been updated since 2017 should go. For austerity's sake, I would just start removing AAF stuff. So stuff firing scripts and stuff that's adding a butt load of crap to the workshop menus I would remove first to test.

I dunno, your mod list is just too gigantic, I'd bet you have so many redundant things in there. I bet if you opened your mods in xEdit and applied conflict filter you would see like 6 plugins trying to all change the same thing.

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