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Devious Devices 5.1, Devious Lore, and Escape Overhaul problems

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I upgraded to DD 5.1 and both DL and EO have been upgraded to use DD5. When using the escape mechanics in DL or EO, the animation plays and I can play the minigame but the devices do not unequip. 


The mod authors and other players have confirmed that this is not a bug. The only other thing I can think of is that it is a load order issue. However, even after placing the mods at the bottom of the load order and higher on the priority on virtualization I get the same issues. I was wondering if anyone else was having similar issues or knows what could be the source of my problems?


Thanks ahead of time!




Found a post on EO saying that DD is likely not installed correctly, the fomod installation does report an error in mo2 so I manually installed the files, and it didn't fix anything.


Added papyrus logs. It's apparent there is an error between EO and DD Zad libraries, but I can't work on it tell tomorrow. Will post more info as I can get it.






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On 8/6/2021 at 11:21 PM, Marg597 said:

Did you upgrade the mods in an existing save?


If so, does it happen if you create a new character?

Problem has been resolved. Sexlab Inflation Framework and Slaverun Reloaded have zadxLib and zadLib cause errors. If these overwrite DD5, then the unequip function can't find the items to unequip. If DD5 overwrites SLIF and SR files then the functions can find the items to be unequipped.

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