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Animation list culling workflow?


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So in my noobish excitement I downloaded... Got to be a few thousand animations. Easy. And though there's a ton that I love (or will love when I get to it), there's obviously going to be lots that I don't. Just wondering if anyone can share their best practice or workflow in going through animations and disabling things manually, so I can get that out of the way and get on with enjoying autonomous depravity all over town.


Any tips or tricks that make sorting things out easier would be appreciated.

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An external tool would be amazing. Even if WW gave a setting to enter a preview mode that provided all the object/locations/participants and gave a one click option for add to playlist/disable/next animation that would be killer. 


But either of those options might be asking a lot. I was just hoping I was missing some obvious way to be efficient about sorting animations.

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