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Sunrise Mansion

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Sunrise Mansion

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Sunrise Mansion
1.0 Build

This mod is a request for a friend. A new vacation home in the Sea of Pearls. This is a small taste of what you can expect in the upcoming DLC the Forbidden Island.

Strange things are happ

How do I get to the Island
Go to the Dawnstar sanctuary, there you will see a new ship. Or go to Mara's Temple, near the shrine there is a new teleport spell.

Help I can get inside the Sunrise Mansion:
The Sunrise Mansion is reserved for rich nobles, you need 150,000 to purchase the property. If you don't have that kind of gold then press ~ & type in player.additem 0000000f 150000

How do I get back to Skyrim
There is a teleport spell in the living room of Sunrise Mansion

Player Mansion
Small tropical Island
New Soundtrack the beach from DJ Red Rad
12 custom paintings from DJ Red Rad
Bathing Suite area
New books The Forbidden Island Myth or Fact, The mind of a Pirate, The Red Sabre Pirates
New letters and journals
Uncover a new plot, find out who killed Esmeralda
Chef & Maid
and much more

Sunrise Mansion contains it's own climate settings, as well as it's own water settings and LOD (Level of detail)

Authors Note
This is practically the prologue, it's the introduction of the Forbidden Island. The Forbidden Island is an upcoming DLC. The upcoming DLC already has 14 voice actors, it will contain a large tropical Islands, made from scratch. It will contain a new jungle area, towns, swamps, an underground city. Join-able factions, and much more. If your feeling creative and want to offer voice acting, join us, contact me.

This mod is free from copy righted content. DJ Red Rad created the soundtrack & permission has been
granted to use the custom asset's, DJ Red Rad personally spoke with the mod authors mentioned in the hall of fame, the rest are free modding resources. the jungle sounds have also been retrieved from freesound.org. The author has aquired the license 
and is free to: Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format. Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material. for any purpose, even commercially.
The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.
http://www.freesound.org/people/folkart films/sounds/122767/

Hall of Fame 
MannyGT - Modding resources, ruins,buildings etc. (Personally spoke with the author, received permission to use certain assett's) 
Breti -Modding resources, houses etc (Personally spoke with the author, received permission.)
Insanity Sorrow 
CD Projekt Red & Oaristys- (Modding resources) Armor
Gendundrup (Free Modding resources, personally spoken with the author)
testiger2 - Armor, Mesh Resources
Ladyonthemoon - Level of detail expert thank you for showing us how to understand and generate LOD. 
bfadragon - For the resource extra food. 
morganmarz betterbecause jet4571 - HQ Real Paintings Modders Resource
mindboggles - Water Meshes
Garnet/ flintone - Wicker Set
Blary - Modding resources
CAD345 - For The Airship. Big thanks.  
Mirrou4ka, 1ndajone5 - New beddings
MuppetPuppet - Modding resources, thank you. 
Leodoidao - Arab art resource
LOLICEPT, lolikyonyu - Modding resources
Tamira and mr_siika  - Modding resources, tropical plants, palm trees, flowers, etc (Personally spoke with Tamira & recieved permission, big fan of her work)
Stroti - Modding resources
Elinen, Ztree, Vurt, SparrowPrince - Modding resoures grass, flowers
MJY - The Author of the mysterious Island, Modding resources. (Personally spoke with MJY and received permission to use his assett's (Thank you appreciate your work MJY.)
Blackflag & Hyperactivechild -Landscape Textures 
Markus Liberty (Tellmann) - for the modelling and texturing Cyrodiil Ship and boat resource 
Ga-Knomboe Boy - GKB Green Trees (Modding resources) Thank you.
ps46183 and Galadreal  - Platter With Goblets Cups Modders Resources
WesleyWalesAnderson - (Personally spoke with the mod author, received permission to use the outfit.)
Antony Bellingham (Tutorial videos, thank you for your wonderful videos.
berticus0001 - Modding resources. Purchase property scripts (Thank you so much for your modding resources, respect.)
Alexander J. Velicky (Thank you so much for the tutorial on LOD)

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