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Anyone interested in a race trait mod?


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I've been messing with mods and lurking here for years now ><. I finally have something to contribute...err will have something I only have 3 races done so far. Apex/Avian/Glitch/Hylotl I've kind of hit a wall though I'm not sure what negative traits to give anyone, so far the 4 only have positive things...like glitch heals when not in combat, like a self replicating AI is what i was going for, hylotl has jump/waterbreath/landing...avian is kind of the same as hylotl, tried reducing its overall hp, but that end badly, though kind of funny. But I'm currently running 104 mods, this being my 104th and haven't run into any issues so far...haven't tried with fracking universe though, still just messing with base game atm. But anyways anyone have any ideas for positive/negative stats/traits I'm also trying to figure out a secure way to give +/- food bonuses kind of like FracU. But its more in-depth then the others. But it something I def want in-game. 


anything ive added a dmg/hp/power (not done yet) is very low. Like .015/.15 or whatever the lowest number was i could get working, but still make the race feel different.


*I know others have racial mods, but everyone of them has been temperamental, and the way I've done it is in no way like theirs...I feel like maybe they over complicated things there /shrug I don't know I'm not even a novice at programming so there's probley a reason for the way they have done it." 


*I'm gonna go ahead a post what I got. 






If your still reading this, then kudos. I ramble a lot, so thank you and my apologies in advance =D


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