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RJW: How do I increase the chance of someone gaining a particular trait?


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Is there a way to modify the rjw files to increase the rate of gaining a trait after sex like masochist, rapist or nerves trait? Also I hope this is implemented into RJW in later updates without needing to access the files.

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On 7/31/2021 at 11:43 AM, Haraldh said:

You dont need to change the files  there is a setting for these traits base is 10 x raping and you can lower that just look into the mod settings.

Sorry I might be extremely blind/dumb but I couldn't find the setting?

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no setting to change rate in game just to toggle them on or off in the debug settings but there might be a file you can edit, i dont know havent tryed to look for someting like that if it is in xml or not.


but what are you trying to achieve? if you want the trait faster then how they are already set on you might just as well add the trait with CE or dev mode.

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if you go into the custom scenario editor you can change the base percentage of someone getting a trait and you have the option between player colonists or non player colonists. I believe its called trait chance or probability, either way it should be there if you have the standard rjw mods downloaded.

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