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FPC help with furry sims.

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I downloaded savestates furry mod pack as well as some other mods and I want to interact with the objects in first person. However every time I enter the FPC I am inside my sims head and all I see are eyes and teeth. I know its how the camera is set because its designed for human based sims to interact with and my sims have furry based heads. I want to know if there is a way to either:


1. move the FPC forward a little bit from its normal position so its centered in front of my sims eyes

2, Compeletly hide your sims head in FPC mode. (I can deal with mirrors showing my character is headless)


BTW I have tried all of the solutions to get FPC to work that I can find on the net and none seemed to do the trick. Any help/link to mods would be appreciated.

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