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Ridiculous spike damage

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I use Lore Worthy Bandits + Better Low Level Enemies + Organized Bandits in Skyrim + Enemies Variation Wenches = up to 6-8 mobs wailing on you at the same time (not counting mobs that can summon minions) and any Chaurus. You fight enemies that do a moderate amount of damage and then somehow the game just steamrolls you out of nowhere. Went through the Markarth Dwemer ruins just fine taking less then 100 damage from ANYTHING. I leave Markarth and then get jumped by Hired Thugs and one does over 500 damage through almost 600 armor on Ultimate difficulty.

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do you use Ordinator perhaps?


simple fact is, at high difficulties, with extra damage perks, its easy to get a few stacked multiples that cause damage to skyrocket to truly insane values. the extra damage perks i find particularly annoying because of they coarse granularity. pretty much only increases damage in steps of 50-100%.


the only one of those mods that i use - and i definitely still sometimes get this problem - is OBIS. the bandit conquerors and duelists basically only ever 1-shot. i had to do a lot of digging through the guts of the game, tweaking perk values, to get that to stop.

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No Ordinator. Also have a mod that gives Argonians extra unarmed damage (lvl1 unarmed Argonian Bandit doing over 100 damage against lvl5 player char with 150-200 armor lol. I use Smart Cast which allows for auto-casting of set spells (Alteration skin spells for extra armor and fast healing to stay topped up). That hired Thug one shot me from 100% HP despite almost 600 armor and like 540HP (only lvl31 too lol).

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