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Strang Plant tenticals

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I have some animations for the strange plant in Strangerville. But no tentacles. The Sims just float in the air. Also for other animations that I'm assuming have tentacles like the garbage can and a creature for a single Sim animation.

Wondering what file(s) I would need to get for the tentacles to show up in the animations?

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11 hours ago, BrinaFlute said:

I found this in regards to the tentacles. This is for FausTTerM's animations; I'm not sure what the others require (and I'd rather not look since I'm not into.... the animal stuff. ) 



Though it must be FausTTerM's animations. Good call on that.
The only reason it was bothering me is because I'm playing the "Strangerville" adventure now. Thought it would be cool (I know, perverted fun) to have the full animation effects. Since the bizarre plants are the main plot.

I do have these:
Huge Dildo Set (Never seen it used in animations yet though)
Cherry Pie Cum Mesh (Definitely seen this in some animations)

But not:
asketo's objects

I'm not really into the bdsm ghost or animal stuff either. lol! (yes I looked ? ) But perhaps some of these objects are needed for FausTTerM's animations with the "strange plant".

I'll try that. Thanks for your help.

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