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Missing Vanity items for one of the Kitsune races

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So i have noticed an issue that i don't think i saw anywhere else in this forum. So when downloading the kitsune race from steam i notice that there are dog-Kitsune's (fur ears and tail) and fish-kitsunes (fin ear and tails). Now i didn't think i'd be a problem or make a difference but when the fish ones turn into sex nodes they lose all their hair and other accessories. Meaning no tail, hair, clothes. Literally just generic mannequins basically.


So i'm wondering, did i miss a patch, download the wrong kitsune mod or did i fuck something else up? I checked the below log and i think its missing textures for some reason? anyway any help would be nice


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A couple options:

1) Politely ask the kitsune sexbound support mod author to update their mod.

2) Learn how to make your own personal mod that adds support (that you should not share without permission from both of the original mod authors).

3) Get permission from both the race and sxb support mod authors for someone like me to make the support for you.

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