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How to avoid other sims sexual interactions ?


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Restaurant visits descending into sex chaos happened when I started using WW as well. Luckily, there are several ways to avoid every sim and their mother having a go at it.


If you want no-one to have sex in the lot or in a specific room, there are "No sex on lot/room" and "No nudity on lot/room" signs that can be added in build mode. These can be placed on any lot or in any room. I've tagged a few toilets that way in my saves, my sims sometimes need to pee...


The sexual autonomy of sims can be adjusted. You can turn sexual autonomy fully off, half off and fully on. With fully off, no sim is going to go off and have sex on their own. You can also choose whether your sim will go on and have sex on his/her own, or whether sex can only be a result of you specifically ordering the sim to suggest having sex.


Even if you have autonomy on, you can also adjust how often it is likely to happen and to what degree they take circumstances into consideration. You can also specify what kind of sex sims are allowed to engage in on their own: Like sex with single partners, group sex and solo masturbation.


There's also settings allowing you to use vanilla wohoo, vanilla "try for baby" without access to wohoo or doing all sex through WW. The settings can be a bit daunting, but the're there to help you get the gameplay you want.

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