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Looking for lightweight mods adding just a little spice

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I'm looking for lightweight mods to just spice the game up a little in organic/funny/immersive ways. So basically no framework and no player-caused (by spells/powers cast at will). It's kinda hard to find them if I don't know what I'm looking for specifically, ngl!


I got proper body replacers, some kinky statue replacers, and skimpy armor replacers with a small mod that adds a keyword allowing any chosen armor to be considered "naked" for the sake of NPC comments, which I could then patch to be more fitting/apply to armors where it makes sense. Looking for simple stuff like that.


I play a female character.


What would be nice is a mod that allows NPCs to grab and grope/spank a player if they're naked, but I don't think it exists. Tried to find and failed :( Surely not outside of the SL framework anyhow, which comes with a lot of other things that don't fit my playthrough.


Are there any more small fun mods like that? And is there maybe some easy way to expand on the is-naked interaction? Maybe a way to give specific comments based on the actual (vanilla) armor being worn by the PC? Hmm.


Thanks anyhow!



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Well, it really depends on what you'd consider spice and what spice is too much for you. 


Considering the spanking, there is a mod doing just that, Spank That Ass. You can setup STA to only fire at certain distances or other conditions such as armor worn. You can also have NPCs comment on the spanking. If you add something like Bikini Armors (even if you wouldn't) another mod by the same author of STA might fit: Sexlab Survival. I know it has Sexlab in its name and afaik it has the Sexlab framework part of its dependencies, but you wouldn't need to setup the mod with sex in mind, you could technically just disable/ignore all things that hook into Sexlab. 


SLS adds a lot of financial obstacles and difficulty for female PCs to the game. One of which is the license system, where you'd need to buy licenses to have the privilege to even own weapons/armors/magic/homes/clothes. You could set it up to be almost impossible to pay for actual armor licenses resulting you to have to rely on the cheaper and more skimpy Bikini Armors (you can break down all vanilla armors to their bikini counterparts), which you could then setup to be considered as naked. You can add the need for at least 1 follower to escort you (for which there are other mods to spice up the follower gameplay, mainly Devious Followers), add penalties to female stats (resulting in a higher need for a follower, even without the escort restriction) and more things.


I highly suggest for you to check it out, as those mods are highly customizable and you can disable a lot of stuff that doesn't fit your playstyle.


There is another mod called Slaverun Reloaded. A mod with the most sexually explicit content out of the above mentioned, as the mod name might suggest. Again, you could simply disable and remove most of the sex focused stuff and only use it for some aspects (Sexlab Survival has some interaction with this mod). You can for example set certain license requirements to only exist for Slaverun enslaved cities. Slaverun itself will start in Whiterun and you can set it up to expand gradually to other cities. In enslaved cities, all females are obligated to be naked, while inside the city. With SL Survival installed, you can set certain licenses to only be required in enslaved cities, like the license to own clothes (simple ones, the ones without armor rating). You can increase the toll inside enslaved cities, meaning you'd have to pay up before leaving a city.


But dont worry, you really can make all of those mods work without any sex or anything like that, they would just need the dependencies at first. Slaverun is almost like a total conversion as it adds so much quest content and scenes and characters, but they are all humiliation/slave/corruption focused and involve a lot of sex. Which you could setup to never occur afaik. Normally, males of enslaved cities look for females who are slaves to start sex scenes with, but if none are present or available, "free" females will be chosen. I'm not entirely sure right now if you could remove the "males looking for sex" feature, as I never looked for it. But I know you can set it up so that free females are never considered for that.


That was a lot of information, as it should show the possibilities that exist for what you asked. It does involve some some setup though, so those mods aren't as fire and forget as you might like. I still recommend to at least try Spank That Ass and Sexlab Survial and go from there.

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Thank you for the response, appreciated!


The thing about SexLab is that as a framework it's rather heavy (as far as I know all frameworks will be, especially since it includes a lot of additional stuff like animations?), and everything's so interconnected there with dependencies and all. I think even with things unticked, it will still add a script load to the game/edit various existing entires/NPCs etc which is just unwise for a playthrough that's not including any actual sexual content. That's why I'm looking for lightweight mods that don't require anything else to operate :)


I guess the pickings will be very slim as most people rely on the framework for the abundance of options it provides. Completely understandable, I simply thought maybe there's something fun here or there. Preferably in a lighthearted or even (immersively) funny vein, moreso than grim :)

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