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TrafficJunky are malvertisers, find an alternative.


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I have recently came back to your forum to look for mods, however I noticed you are using the infamous mindgeek owned malvertising agency trafficjunky, who are suspected of intentionally profiteering off of promoting scams and spreading malware.


In regards to alternatives, I am well aware that the online advertising sphere is very anticompetitive for legitimate startups due to mass competition from malvertising agency's, meaning that you will may to raise funds for your site in a different manner. The project wonderful replacement known as comicad.net is known for being legitimate, but you could also self host ads like what sites in the furry community do.

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1 minute ago, CPU said:

Thanks for your opinion.

You aware that MindGeek owns a considerable part of all the porn on Internet, do you?

Yeah, I know.


I am just sick of how those bastards spread malware though their sites while not getting investigated despite popular demand by disgruntled users.


And then there's the complaints about how PornHub ignores complaints about trafficker materials unless they're threatened with lawsuits, even reportedly when the victim complaining warns them that said material violates child porn laws, which caused a massive ongoing scandal that resulted in the mindgeek banning people from uploading without doxing yourself to the administrators, while also slowly shuttering all other user generated content sites on their network such as Xtube, because they decided they refuse to expend any more resources moderating them.

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