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[SEARCH] [SOLVED] Identify a semi-skimpy heavy/warrior "runic" armor from SkyrimGTX's video

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SkyrimGTX posted a video on youtube and few images on flickr, where he is using this armor here. Can't ask him where he got it from, since he is famous for disabling comments in his Youtube videos... Can someone identify the armor, or at least  the game that it is from?


This doesn't seem to be from Tera armors, since I think I saw pretty much all of them already. I suspected something like Bless Online or Black Desert, but was unable to find this specific armor. Also, Bless armors usually have high heels, but this one doesn't. Black Desert does have somewhat similar "tribal tattoo" types of decorations on some armors, but than again I'm confused by the runic inscriptions on the shoulder caps on this armor (just above the spikes), because it doesn't seem to fit Black Desert style...





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Got it! Stumbled upon it while randomly googling for Skyrim armors ?


This isn't from a game, but a custom Skyrim armor mod by Harry2135, called H2135's Fantasy Series6, on his patreon:



There is a free version with iron texture (not sure if this is the one on the screenshots) and a number of retextures for patrons only. The armor has support for "CBBE, UUNP & BHUNP HDT-SMP Bodyslide" and has both SE/LE Skyrim versions.


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  • multifork changed the title to [SEARCH] [SOLVED] Identify a semi-skimpy heavy/warrior "runic" armor from SkyrimGTX's video

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