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Changing Crafting Category On An Armor Mod

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Wasn't quite sure where to put this, so thought maybe here would help.


So I have a ton of outfit mods that are craftable via the Chem Station. Sad thing is, all the outfits are placed in the Utility category. So my Utility category is flooded to death with outfits. Yeah, Snakel101 loves the Utility category for some reason. Downside to this, is it takes forever to scroll through all the outfits to find the one I'm looking for.


SO! I am wondering how to change that. Using FO4Edit I can see the category, but not sure how to change it so I can give each outfit their own category. Like how Vtaw does it. They have separate categories for their outfits and the wardrobes. I would like to do the same with Snakel101's outfits so they all have their own category so it makes it easier to craft them and go through them.


I checked it in FO4Edit, but it seems it needs a keyword maybe? Not sure on what keyword I should apply, cause I tried to just change the name of the category (instead of Utility, I changed it to the name of the outfit like how it is set up on Vtaw's mods), but it said "not a valid integer value". So assuming I need some sort of keyword there, but not sure what to use.


So any assistance on how to change the crafting category for an outfit mod would be appreciated. Very noob at this, so a toddler explanation would be helpful lol. Thanks! ;)

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14 hours ago, Spyder Arachnid said:



Be it that I can't stand looking at the crafting menu in my game for reasons... It should be done by keywords look at Vtaws there will be a keyword that's type is Recipe Filter. Then in COBJ (constructible objects) for each item of clothing/what ever you will find two keyword listings BNAM the type of work bench used to craft (usually Chemlab) and FNAM which sorts into category (here is how you make your own categories.)


So make your keyword that is a recipe type and in constructible objects replace the Utility keyword there or add your new keyword for each craft-able item.

The recipe list sorts alphabetically so if you want all mod added item to appear at the bottom (as I did) use a single late letter prefix like X - WeaponNameHere Y - UtilitythingNameHere Z - ModArmorsNameHere Vanilla recipe categories are usually all caps too while near every mod isn't ?

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Never done anything like this before, so trying to understand what you're saying lol. So basically, there is no specific keyword I have to use, I just create my own (if I want them to have their own categories)?


That's mainly what I was confused about. Wasn't sure if there was a list of keywords I had to use, or if I just make one up on my own. But I'll give it a try and see how it works out. Thanks!

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Just an example of what I am talking about via pictures so it is more understanding (for me at least lol).


Vtaw's Nurse Outfit (as an example of Vtaw's outfit in the crafting menu):




Snakel101 Crazy Belle III Outfit (as an example of Snakel101's outfit in the crafting menu):




So I need to change the FNAM - Category, so instead of it being Utility, it will have it's own category (like the Vtaw one above). But it seems anything I try to enter is "not a valid integer value". So unsure of how to go about giving it it's own category now.

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It's saying invalid because it's not created yet.






That is just an example. Your keyword used needs to be in that mods esm/esl/esp/espfe or else you need to add masters so don't bother with that. So in crazy belle III.esp


Then you can enter that form id number where UTILITY is. I just named it Z so it will appear at the bottom that is the original recipe filter from Vtaw WD 7. Here the id 01000f99 enter whatever it is that is created.

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