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[Aetherial Fusion Spell(s)]


A small mod containing the following 2 spells:


Aetherial Fusion:
Fuses together 3 soul gems starting from the weakest viable set to the strongest all the way to black. (UNFILLED)
3 Petty soul Gems => 1 Lesser Soul Gem
3 Lesser Soul Gems  => 1 Common Soul Gem
3 Common Soul Gems => Greater Soul Gem
3 Greater Soul Gems => Grand Soul Gem
3 Grand Soul Gems => 1 Black Soul Gem

Aetherial Syphon:

Syphons the souls out of soul gems and returns the unfilled gem as well as a refill of magicka relevant to the tier of soul gem.]
Petty: 20
Lesser: 40
Common: 60
Greater: 80
Grand: 100



Is a man not entitled to the content of his work? 

'No!' says the Nexus forums, 'It belongs to the us.' 

'No!' says the Nexus moderation team, 'It belongs to the archives.' 

'No!' says Dork0ne, 'It belongs to ME!' 

I rejected those answers; instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose... to make my own decisions with my own content instead. 

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