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CTD - After re-enabling the mods -

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I've finished creating my character. (When I create the character I always have all mods disabled, then I reactivate them later). I use the mods called "start me up", so you don't have to enter the vault, and always have a different gameplay.
I assume the location is random, and boom crash.
LoadOrder in attachments.
Anyone know if I have something wrong in the loadorder? (I use loot for loadorder sorting!)


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Before you restarted to make a new character were you using the same mods just fine? I had this problem with starting new games, but I'm using an excessive amount of mods. I usually only load my charactor mods first then the rest when I either exit the vault or SMU then enable like 20-25 mods. Load the game and wait a minute to register... Save and exit game. Then do that again until they all load properly. I usually run 6-700 active plugins at a time so I hope this works for you!

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If you have too many mods that start up at the exact same damn time it can do this. It's an issue with disabling mods to create your character or using a premade save then enabling everything at the same time. CC content is so bad about it I think someone made a mod to prevent them all starting up at the same time on Nexus.


Start me up also tends to need compatibility patches for things you wouldn't think you would need them for. I'd start up mods a selection mods by type at a time to see and run around a bit and KOS to see if their is an issue. Lots of mods don't need to be enabled right at game start.


Also Loot does not help like people think it does for TES. You would & can do better looking at conflicts in F04edit or at least should be after using loot.

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It looks to me like you have too many CC mods loading at once and the game is shitting a brick. As AGHJAX stated, there are mods that modifies the plugins to delay quest start to specific trigger points. However, I'm not really seeing anything there that would cause immediate crash after enabling. So, as a test theory, disable all CC mods and redo what you previously did. If it works without loading the CC mods, either you potentially have a mod that conflicts with one, or it's simply just too many loading. You also need to remember, some mods are incompatible with the first chargen menu, then some don't trigger to start until after you exit Vault 111. 


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