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Daedric Boots - Skin Partition fix

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Daedric Boots - Skin Partition fix


Ever wore a robe with Daedric Boots?
It will make your Feets invisible. This Bug only happens with the Daedric Boots.
The reason is simple, Boots will get overwritten by Robes, due to a higher Priority, and
Bethesda simply forgot to add the Skin Partition "Feet" to the Daedric Boots.

So I searched everywhere for a fix for this, but not the USEEP nor the WACCF ever fixed this bug.
Then I thought someone else surely did, but I did not find anything. So I did it myself.

I simply fix this Bug by giving the boots the Skin Partition "Feet", and that is it.


I would recommend installing this mod with a Mod Manager, I recommend using Mod Organizer 2.
Or you can extract the files to your "Skyrim Special Edition\Data" folder.


The Mod uses Vanilla Meshes, but a CBBE Bodyslide File is included if you need it.

I never tested this in the LE Version of Skyrim, so I do not know if this works.


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