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Creating objects from NPCs

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So, I'm sick of Nazeem and his better-than-you attitude. I'd like to do Whiterun a favor and put his head on a pole. Seems lots of people have tried this in the past but I'm not finding anything useful or anyone who was successful. It seems to me, that the easiest thing to do would be to have his head (with the decapitated bit) be an object in his inventory that I could just "obtain" and then place into another object for display. "Clean up your corpses" can then be used to dispose of the issue of his body still being around with a head. 


In order to accomplish what I'm trying to do... I believe I need 2 things. 


The first seems easier of the 2, which is an object or piece of furniture which you can store/display things on... like you would with a weapon rack or wall mount.


The second is giving me some issues. I'm not finding any guides that go about making an object out of an NPC mesh.


I'm not looking to make a mod that creates new objects on the fly from any old NPC we decide to off... that would be far beyond my capabilities. But I'm willing to put in the time to make head objects for a few select NPCs. Is there a guide someone could point me to where someone has done something similar?

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