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[REQUEST] / [SEARCH] I need some spicy mods

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Hello I am new on skyrim. I bought it because of the videos I saw skyrim adult mod on the internet. For some reason I can't find the mods in the videos.

So I need some adult modes. I would like to write the things I love here in case there is a master of this:

Female Protoganist
sex scene after losing the battle
different races

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Well first in foremost for impregnation there is the Mod know as Hentai Pregnancy SE/LE how has both impregnation and Pragnency as for breeding I don't know one. For female Protaginist there a many. Slaverun Reloaded a female Player slavery quest line that was never finished but still great. There is also Troubles of the Heroine a Female Humiliation quest line that has everything from female Slavery to forced Prostitution to Mysgony. There is also SLUTS that is a female pony girl quest line there the female player can ether freely become a Pony girls and deliver fright to different places in skyrim or the female player can be sold into beeing a pony girl with Simple slavery plus plus and there is also Shout like a Virgin there the Female player char is punished by Dybella after losing her Virginity by beein bound into locked into bdsm gear. As for Slavery there would be also Slaverun reloaded,Sanguine Debauchery that is a pure slavery mod. Then there is Submissiv Lola the Resubmisssen that is a Female only slavery quest line and There is also Devoius Followers that is also a female Slavery quest line there the follower stats demanding money if you can't buyourself out you can choose a Pact there zb the pc must wear nippel picering or must drin a Potion there the female pc must have sex with the follower because if not she will get more and more Horny. As for after combat Rape there are the mods Devoius cursed loot there you can activat rape after Givin up and secondly there is also Sexlab Defeat where the female pc gets raped after the pc is to injured to fight. As for the final I am not sure if you mean bestiality or not 

And not to forget which version of skyrim you have LE or SE


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