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2021/07/06- Sexy Woman Hangout Event








Sexy Woman Hangout Event


Ever wanted a event where you and you girlfriends can hangout by the pool or get freaky

then this Social event is for you invite up to 20 sims of your choice and invite them to your house or to another geniric venue

hope that is good descrision

























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  • 1 month later...

Will you update with more events ? 
As it is, they are some modders who have quite a number of good mods, sadly very few are adult type.

Even if, simsnatcher, both vampirethrall and sorcerer mods and then some others are 


KiaraSims4Mods, more than 31.

KS, over 12.

And several others.

They are now tools, several addon each opening functions which can be used to create mods, then tutorials on nearly every subjects they are. Finding it still the moot point.

Thanks for this first event, hope to see more later on.

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