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More info on the mod im looking for

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Hello again. So you may remember i said i needed some help finding a skyrim mod. Well i have more info on the matter. Keep in mind that it was a SSE mod. So yes this mod from what i remember you had to start it by going in a cave with like 3 or 4 cages at the end of the map. And this girl has left a note in one of the cells saying to met her somewhere in markarth. Onces there you met up with her and a kid and and vampire with reaper armorĀ and a bunch of random npcs. The kid appears to be a drug dealer of somesort and you can get him to follow you later on. A dragon preist can also follow you later on in this. You end up getting to learn how to craft the reaper armor. Also i remember the jarl of solitude gets to follow you. Im pretty sure this mod was nsfw cause i remember her walking around solitude nude. If you can help me that would be amazing

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