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Neverwinter Nights 2 - Level cap increase to 160

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Neverwinter Nights 2 - Level cap increase to 160

These files will allow you to go beyond the maximum level of 30, up to 160.

Why 160? Because it's 4x40. Single classes "break" past level 40, their BAB reverts to zero, their saves revert to zero, the spells per day become somewhere around 40 per spell level, they no longer award bonus feats, ecc.. this means that the maximum that can be achieved without breaking classes is 160.

Please keep in mind that these files alone will allow you go beyond level 30 only in official campaigns. For every other campaign made by the community, on top of the installation of this mod, you will also have to modify the campaign settings to allow for levels past 30 with a possible amount of exp that allows you to reach that level.

Exp progression is the same as the original and level 160 requires 12880000 exp (for 0 ELC races).

Tested to work only with the 1.23 NWN2 Complete from GOG.



1 - (If you have installed previous versions) Delete the Level_Cap_Increase folder found in NWN2 Complete/Override Installation Directory.

2 - Extract the contents of the zip folder in your Neverwinter Nights 2 INSTALLATION directory. It already contains a backup file of the original game if you want to remove it later.



1 - Delete the Level_Cap_Increase folder found in NWN2 Complete/Override Installation Directory.

2 - Delete the nwn2main.exe file

3 - Rename nwn2main_backup.exe to nwn2main.exe

Additional instructions to implement the level cap increase in player made campaigns, multiplayer games or persistent worlds can be found in the PDF files below.



Simply extract the zip patch in the folder where Kaedrin PRC is already installed



Special thanks to Goolander from the Neverwinter Vault, who provided the HEX values changed in the nwn2server.exe to provide multiplayer support for the mod.

nwn2_level_cap_increase_known_issues.pdf nwn2_level_cap_increase_player_made_campaigns.pdf nwn2_level_cap_increase_multiplayer_and_pw.pdf

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    Neverwinter Nights 2 version 1.23


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