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[question] is it possible to change the duration/length of schemes in CK3?

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I've been looking in the scheme files but I haven't seen anything that looks like a duration. I can change the chance to progress each month I guess, but it seems to always be around 1 year?


I just want to be able to set it to one month for example..

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Schemes progress from 0-10 so a year is pretty much the needed timeframe for perfect progress chance.


There is

add_scheme_progress = x

which you could invoke for an ongoing event to speed it along.


But it sounds like what you want might be better accomplished by a event chain if you feel the scheme framework is too restricting.

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this did the trick, thanks

on_monthly = {
		save_scope_as = scheme
		scheme_owner = { save_scope_as = owner }
		scheme_target = { save_scope_as = target }
		add_scheme_progress = 10


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found solution
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