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How to work weight gain with Devourment Refactor?

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No matter how many people my character eats. She never seems to gain any weight. I've tried dabbling in with the weight settings and getting the weight morph mod but nothing seems to work. Any ideas from this on what I could be doing wrong? Also any recommendations for other mods involving weight gain?

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have you built the mesh in bodyslide? the default cbbe body doesn't have the scaling that devourment uses, devourment provides its own bodyslide files to achieve weight scaling, open bodyslide and click the dropdown and find "devourmentSE 3ba all sliders" tick "build morphs" in the bottom corner and then build.  these scalings will only appear on outfits with the same extra scaling added, so none by default except nude, there's a link to a pack from the devourment wiki at the bottom that makes it so most vanilla outfits have the scaling. There is another way, also in bodyslide are a few entries called MacrossBelly or SkepticMech Belly, these are equipable bellies and work with any outfit but don't have the outfits colouration, you have to set the in game MCM setting "Equipable Belly" under morph settings to either none for the first option i mentioned or the macross/skeptic version mentioned, hope that helps



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