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Lazer "Recharger" Weapon v2

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Lazer "Recharger" Weapon v2

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This is a recharging laser weapon, nearly identical to a prior effort of mine except that it is a laser weapon and not a plasma weapon. The weapon is overpowered, so consider yourself warned. It recharges at 1 fusion cell per second and it requires special ammunition that can not be used in normal laser weapons. It recharges up to 60 rounds and then stops. A radioactive penalty is inflicted should you have more than 60 rounds of this special ammunition. Dropping the weapon while you have 60 or less rounds wipes out all of the rounds in your inventory. Dropping the weapon while you have more than 60 rounds also gives you a radiation penalty and also removes all of the rounds from your inventory.


The weapon is located inside of a suitcase that is next to the blue 'construction' trailer when you leave Vault 111. The suitcase is outside of the trailer at the opposite end of the entrance. You may use both my plasma & laser recharger weapon mods at the same time; The two suitcases are located in different areas.


The suitcase is locked (novice) and contains a lore-friendly note.


As with my plasma recharger weapon v2 mod, this weapon is power armor and weapon mod friendly.


This mod does not require any of the Fallout 4 DLCs or Script Extenders; Only the base game is required.


The mod should work but, if it does not, please let me know. Thank you.


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