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Kona Kai Island



Travel to a new exotic location How do I get to the Island?


Go to the Dawn star Area there you will find a new boat. Description Kona Kai is a tropical Island for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.


The Island is located in the Sea of Pearls.


Features: Tropical Island (With LOD)

New Ladies (With CBBE Body)

Tropical plants etc

and much more.


Disclaimer This mod is free from copy righted content.


Permission has been granted to use the custom asset's,

DJ Red Rad personally spoke with the talented mod authors mentioned in the hall of fame.

The rest are free modding resources.



Caliente - CBBE Body R18Pn 08 - Lingerie Set for CBBE or 7BSeveNBase UNP by NPR FoxCafe Resources by fox Garnet - Shabby Furniture Melt in the Mouth - Sweets Resources by Elza Arab art resource by Leodoidao StudioCD Projekt RED - creator of armors/textures Witcher 2 Models: TH3WICK3D1, lord0fwar - conversion Oaristys- (Modding resources) Tamira and mr_siika - Modding resources,

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I think this was an accidental upload of the LE version.


The biggest problem is inside the main BSA is another copy of the same BSA, or perhaps the SE BSA. I didn't check the format. Removing it dropped the size of the mod (once repacked with separate main and textures BSAs) from 169mb down to 68mb.


Outside of that there's not really anything wrong with this mod outside of the usual CK-inflicted dirty edits here and there.  I did a conversion done for myself (for science!) so it can be done.









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