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Forno Sexy Vault Girl Interface - Modder Resource -

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Forno Sexy Vault Girl Interface - Modder Resource -

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----- READ ME -----


Hey guys! this is a complete set of resource files for whoever wants to make a nsfw mod (there's only .PSD files here). Otherwise, you can find the official mod both here on LL and on the Nexus, just search for "Forno and Flufflepuss" here or "Forno and Vaanknight" on the Nexus. If you want to use one or more of these assets in a mod you want to upload on the web, you have to let me know first, so that we can organize about the possible release and the credits, thanks in advance. Enjoy!


You can find the .psd of:

- S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

- Skills

- Traits

- Karma icons for the Pip-Boy

- Limbs Status for the Pip-Boy

- Contextual HUD heads (for the messages in the top left corner of the screen)

- Fallout New Vegas perks (base game, unarmed unique skills and Challenges ones)

- Honest Hearts DLC perks

- Dead Money DLC perks

- Old World Blues DLC perks

- Lonesome Road DLC perks



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sorry guys, I've been on LL for quite a while now, but I've never posted anything so I didn't know where to look for any comments ... as you can see, I found them! Thank you all for the positive comments and for the appreciation for my work. now the answers to yours questions: for the Fallout 4 icons I'm sorry, but i don't  playing it, so I doubt I'll ever do anything about. for the discourse on continuing  the other missing icons, I really don't know how to answer you ... drawing is a hobby for me, so I don't spend too much time on it (that's also why I choose to do something simple and short like the only S.P.E.C.I.A.L. icons set). tonight i actually started drawing perks (medicine, science, bartering and so on) but i'm not sure if or when i'll finish them (as i said before, it's just an hobby ). I do not promise anything, but i want to tell this to you all: for now I am still working on and i'm gonna upload everything i draw in these days even if I do not complete the entire set. Again, thank you all for the kind words, and sorry for my  bad english!

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Amazing drawings!


I'm planning to make a mod to replace the Pip-Boy icons with your ones and I'd like to ask if you could draw the Perks such as Lord Death, Lady Killer and ect.?


I'd make sure that you would get full credit for the drawings and that they fit and work in the game

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@gangsterboy06sorry but i don't have anything online, i like to drawing sexy stuff in my free time, but i'm pretty shy too, so it's a miracle for me to have uploaded these drawings at all! only things that exists on the internet about my drawings are this modder resource, my icon and the profile cover here on LL and a friend of mine instagram profile that he've made just for joke with few of my drawings (definitely nothing special, there are only 3 images, 2 of which are my drawings and 1 is made by him...but if you want to see them anyway the profile name is lionelbucio if i don't remember wrong). btw thanks for the kind words!

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I'm already working on a mod with Forno to get these amazing drawings into everyone's game.


I currently don't have any access to my PC, but by next week, i should have a very early access version of this mod out

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thanks @KoolHndLuke for the kind words! sorry to all if i don't respond too often but it's easy for me to forget about everything.  as georgs66r said, we are currently working togheter to provide an early access of the mod, but i've started in these days to workin on the first point of a schedule made with georgs66r. obviously the ultimate goal is completing all the icons for the entire game (exept for equipment), but for now i've started with the pip boy stats panel. it's in a very early stage and it can change, but for now the "prototype" it looks like this (on the left the full health version, on the right the crippled version). i don't know how much time i need to draw everything and how much time georgs66r need to implement all of my stuff in his mod, but probably i'm talking about  a few months work to be fully completed.



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I am quite new to fallout modding, and I'm also not the smartest in the field. I want to know if I'm the only dumb one here that doesn't quite understand how to use psd files.. The drawings look very nice, and I really like them! Please let me know and enlighten me on this topic.

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@PoggerFish don't worry if i understand correctly your problem i'll explain you in no time: my files aren't a working mod, they're only a modder resource; in a few words i provide .psd files with my drawings and the users download them to manually create they're own icons mods. as himself said before tough, @georgs66r is working on a early access mod to share with all you guys! so don't worry and stay tuned, soon you'll gonna have a properly working mod made by him! :)

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Add me to the list.  These images are simply amazing.  Please don't give up.  I feel like my game won't be complete until at least the perks have been tackled.


I see the early access mod is a little late.  So I'll probably just make the mod myself in the interim.  I was worried it was going to be vanilla quality anyway, and I've gotten spoiled to the 4K-compliant icons we can get nowadays.

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Hello everyone! first of all I want to apologize for the delay of the upload of the pip boy stats icon set... I was convinced I've loaded them before leaving for holidays, but probably (knowing me) I forgot to click on the load button...my fault. however, they are now loaded and available for download.


Now the update:

on vacation I drew enough icons and i'm happy to announce that I have almost finished the base game level up perk icons (level-up only, no doc mitchell stuff, companions, north vegas medical clinic, challenges or others).


in two weeks of vacation I made a total of 78 icons and if I remember correctly I should be missing 8 to complete the base game set. once completed I will load this "first group".


below I leave you the link of the FNV Wiki page of the perks: I am following the list in order of appearance, so if you take a look at this list you can basically see my roadmap for future updates.


I don't know yet if I will cover them all (e.g. challenges or medical clinic chips) but my intention is to create a custom icon for each of these perks. in a few days I should have finished the first group.


Stay tuned and thanks again to all for the kind words!



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I'm already back! i've uploaded the "Level up Perks.psd", enjoy!


I'm not convinced about the chem resistant icon, i dunno if it's a bit too much defiant... let me know what you guys think about, at worst i'll change it. and if you guys have some ideas for the piercing strike i'm all ears, the one i've made do not convince me at 100% (i wasn't in the mood for drawing in that moment :()

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First I wanted to reiterate that the talent on display with these images is just jaw dropping.  Easy to imagine these will be the new default icon images for a lot of folks.


So let's see.  Chem Resistant, if I were to offer an opinion, might be a little too topical.  Like folks might have an emotional issue with the depicted celebrity, preferring not to see him in their game.  That said, I actually think the idea for the image is pretty great.  Replacing the guy with the usual Vault Boy character (or a girl) might not be a bad idea.


Can't think of a better idea for Piercing Strike, outside of optionally making the character a futa for that image, which I wouldn't be opposed to.  That would at least permit a "piercing strike" to be depicted.  Even though I'm not a fan of piercings myself, what you came up with fits the theme of everything else, even though there's no "strike" depicted per se.


Technical quibbles: Friend of the Night, and the right leg and both hands of the character in Pip_Boy_Stats exhibit some nearest-neighbor-like scaling (or positioning) anomalies.  Probably very easy to clean up.


Personal preference: If the assets make it convenient, it'd be nice to eventually see optional versions the perks with girls replacing the Vault Boy character / other men wherever able (similar to the choices made for the Mister Sandman / Robotics Expert / Infiltrator perks, which I absolutely love).  The other optional perk images were a good idea—I prefer the alternate Cherchez la Femme, myself.


It's pretty much exclusively thanks to these images that I'm super hyped for my upcoming playthrough.  Thank you once again for taking the time.

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On 8/26/2021 at 7:33 PM, Forno said:

I'm not convinced about the chem resistant icon, i dunno if it's a bit too much defiant... let me know what you guys think about, at worst i'll change it. and if you guys have some ideas for the piercing strike i'm all ears, the one i've made do not convince me at 100% (i wasn't in the mood for drawing in that moment :()

Not particularly fond of the Chem Resistant either, could probably follow the vanilla look slightly or even something related to alcohol as they're chemical to some extent and also addictive, but i have no ideas for it tbh. For the Piercing Strike i feel like it fits, tho the character could definitely be doing a punch or any striking motion to fit the title of the perk, tho i am very biased when it comes to piercings so read this with a grain of salt, either way I feel like you've done a fantastic job so far and i can't wait for someone to turn this into a proper replacer, I hope you have some other platform that you continue to post your art as I'd love to follow your content even after you finish working on this (or not).

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On 8/26/2021 at 5:33 PM, Forno said:

I'm already back! i've uploaded the "Level up Perks.psd", enjoy!


I'm not convinced about the chem resistant icon, i dunno if it's a bit too much defiant... let me know what you guys think about, at worst i'll change it. and if you guys have some ideas for the piercing strike i'm all ears, the one i've made do not convince me at 100% (i wasn't in the mood for drawing in that moment :()

How many of the perks do you intend to do? Quite a few and coming up with ideas for all of them proved to be difficult for me as well. The way I approached it was to basically copy the vanilla icons for some since I couldn't think of anything better. Just replace vault boy and made them sexy. You can always go back and do something different with it later.

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