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  1. SexoutNG - Stable Release '97

    Ok, thanks for the reply.
  2. Jojo's reference spotted! Also i'm late as fuck, but man i rekt earth and sky just to get that mod, if someone can send it to me i'll be very grateful.
  3. so.. if use a vanilla race i would be able to use this body textures along with edit the body meshes?
  4. SexoutNG - Stable Release '97

    I was wondering if there's a way to "save" the sex position that i changed (i mean, with "Sexout Positioning"), because there's a lot of sex positions that are wrong, like the big horner one and a lot of the human ones. (i posted this on the SexoutPositioning thread but it seems that is dead, and no one replied) Oh i also forgot to mention, i don't know if this has anything to do with this but the Super Mutant penis texture is wrong, not a red mark on it but the texture is like black with a bunch of color pixels.
  5. SexoutPositioning

    I have the Sexout NG version, but i was wondering if there's a way to "save" the position that i modified?, cause there's a lot of sex positions that are wrong, like the big horner one or a lot of the human ones.
  6. Damn! Oh well anyway, thank you for the reply.
  7. I'm using this custom race. https://lsquall.deviantart.com/art/Fallout-New-Vegas-MOD-Asari-Project-Liara-T-Soni-344570697 Plus T6M BNB body and armor replacers, also i'm using BodyMorph and all that works flawless , will it be a problem if i try to edit the body and the armors with this? Also, Great job on this, you guys are amazing.
  8. Fertile Breeder

    yeah that happens to me too, also with one of the girls of the bloatfly breeder encounter. and i have installed a lot of pregnancy outfits and packs.
  9. Fertile Breeder

    Oh thank you so much pepertje , i love your mods by the way keep up the good work! EDIT: hmm, the code doesn't work, are you sure that's the correct one? and yes i know about the xx thing, it's player.addperk 120038F0 but doesn't work. i assume the xx is the fertile breeder load order list number, or the pregnancy mod instead?
  10. Fertile Breeder

    I was asking for the command code because i didn't want to spend a level-up in that. But thanks for the info as well.
  11. Fertile Breeder

    Can someone give me the "fertile breeder" perk command code? it's being pretty damn hard to get pregnant, even with the correct MCM configurations.
  12. Sexout Sound Replacer

    is this working or not?
  13. Sexout Kennel Show

    how the fuck can i get out of the slave room??
  14. BodyMorph 1.x [Fallout NV]

    I have the skeleton that Aj suggested, i also have the same clothes i had before uninstalling fallout, i tried naked but still not working, as i said the menu appears but when i try to change something nothing happens. please help, i love this mod and i don't know why stop working after i installed fallout nv again. Edit: Nevermind, i installed nvse extender and now works fine.
  15. BodyMorph 1.x [Fallout NV]

    i installed the body morph and the selector, and everything worked fine, but i had a problem with another mod so i uninstalled fallout nv, when i installed fallout again and tried to reinstall all the mods i had, this one doesn't work, i mean the menu is displayed with the hotkey i previously selected with the mod configuration menu, but when i try to change the size of somthing it just doesn't work or even change the number of the body member. please help