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Adding sliders to Outfits via Outfit Studio

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easily. Create sliders. You probably know how. slader / new slider. Find among the sliders, click on the pencil, sculpt the desired morph. Next, save your custom sliders as a project. In the bodySlide set the "Build Morphs" flag, click Batch Build, find your project, set the flag, click Build. BS builds your mesh and its tri morphs.

Next, again in outfit studio, import the new clothes to which you want to copy the sliders. Next, import your mesh that you built in bs and its "slider / import TRI Morphs" sliders. Clicking on this mesh, "shape / set reference". Next "slider / Conform All". Unselect the "set reference", delete the mesh from which the morphs are copied. Save the project. The sliders are copied.Also, instead of spoiling the mesh and its tri morphs, you can simply add the project from which you want to copy the sliders. But this method is worse, because some of the names of the sliders in osd and the looks menu may differ. Sliders may not work in the looks menu. New sliders are easy to add to the look of the menu. Just add the slider to sliders.json. It's in f4se / plugins / f4ee / sliders / "body names".

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