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SlaveTats and LewdMarks 1.6 in Skyrim VR

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Hi, First, Thanks for these 2 great Mods
I was using these mod in Oldrim, was perfect but today :
i use Skyrim VR,
I've SKSE VR, racemenu SE , SKYUI VR, JKcontenair SE, SlaveTats SE so :
SlaveTats SE appear in MCM menu, i can enable tattoo, no problem,
BUT : LewdMarks don't appear in SlaveTats menu, it's like LewdMarks is not loaded...
Don't appear in Racemenu too....
I've try LewdMarks SE and LewdMarks without plugin racemenu, both don't appear....
Any help ?

There is a way to merge manually LewdMarks into SlaveTats to make is absorb ?
Thanks !

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