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Animation Playback Speed VS Actual Movement Speed

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First and foremost, I'm willing to do whatever work is necessary to fix this, but after a few days of looking around, I'm stumped as to how to achieve the result I want. I would just appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction.


Okay, so I'm using a mod called 2B Like Walk with 360 Movement Behavior SE. Everything seems to be working as intended, except that the intended result is my backwards walking animation is playing at a speed that seems to match a slower movement speed, while 360 Movement Behavior increases my movement speed when walking backwards. This results in "sliding" of the PC. There doesn't seem to be any patches for this walk animation that are relevant to my issue.


Basically, I wanted to see if there was a simple way for me to fix this by editing the actual playback speed of the animation, rather than reverting my backwards walk movement speed to be very very very slow. Is this something where I will have to do some magical SE HKX > LE HKX conversion and open in Blender etc etc. (if that's even possible) or is there some simple value that I can modify somewhere. Is the playback speed not even relevant to the animation file itself and its actually controlled by the behavior file? I do not know. Please help.


Just for reference in case of relevancy, I'm using Nemesis in conjunction with FNIS. And before you say anything, I don't believe this is breaking any animations in my game. As far as I can tell, everything is working just right. Or perhaps this is the root of my issue. I don't think so, though.


Also, sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I did some poking around and felt like this was the best spot to post a plea for assistance like this.

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Hey !

I stumbled upon the same issue, and after a lot of digging I have a solution if you are still interested :) Yes you are correct, this has nothing to do with FNIS/Nemesis installed at the same time, it is a 360 Movement behavior "bug".


On the 360 Movement behavior SE web page, in the requirements you will find 360 Movement behavior fixes, this mod fixes the slow backward walk (and other things).
But it uses a Nemesis file fix, it is not the new behavior updated file as I initially wished. So we need to use that fix, generate a new mt_behavior.hkx with Nemesis and replace the old one you have.


Download and install Nemesis engine like you do with any mod, keep in mind that it is a one time thing so you should be able to delete the mod afterward and everything Nemesis related (I think, I just fixed my issue right now and remembered your post :D ). You can download it on github.


Download the 360 Movement Behavior and unpack it

Download the 360 Movement Behavior fixes and unpack it :

Take #dsmove$39.txt  which is in Nemesis_Engine\mod\dsmove\mt_behavior\


And replace the one in the main mod. It should be the same path Nemesis_Engine\mod\dsmove\mt_behavior

Don't mix up your folders ? 


Simple as that, the mod now contains the fix :) we just need to generate the behavior.hkx.

Add the updated mod inside your mod manager and install it.

Uncheck everything FNIS related to prevent any trouble (I'm using MO2, so it's pretty simple to do so).


Launch Nemesis,

tick "dsmove" mod in the list

click on "Update Engine"

click on "Launch Nemesis Engine"


(I believe this is a classic Nemesis generation steps, so you should find help online easily if you struggle)

The files are now in your Nemesis output directory


Go inside the generated output dir, and go to meshes\actors\character\behaviors

Get the mt_behavior.hkx, this is our updated behavior file. Delete everything else, only mt_behavior is needed.

Replace the one that you had at the beginning and voilà :) you should walk backward at a normal pace, no sliding anymore :D 

You should be able to uninstall Nemesis Engine and the 360 Movement behavior you installed in this tuto.

I hope everything's clear :) 

EDIT : you can tick again everything FNIS related at the end of course, that is the main goal ? 

And don't forget to take the 360 Movement behavior version that is working with FNIS, or else the generated behavior file will ... misbehave !

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