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a treasure hunting

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so i'm stuck at the end of andrews "a treasure hunting" quest.  i got the pony tail, equipped it, showed it to andrew, had sex with him.  then the quest icon reappears above his head and it acts like i never did it.

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You posted this to the general technical support forum for Legendary Edition Skyrim, but the question you are asking would be better suited to the help forum for the mod you are using.  I'm going to take a wild guess and say you probably are using Mia's Lair a.k.a Sexlab Sex Slaves.  If you hit the Get Help button on a mod's download page and you might either find that your question has already been answered or if not you can ask there.  There's also a separate help thread for that mod if you happen to be using Skyrim Special Edition (Skyrim Sex Slaves SSE).

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