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Trouble Getting Dancers To Come to Strip Club

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My sim owns a strip club, and I've hired six dancers through the phone. The first day, they all showed up. But after I assigned them tasks, only one assigned dancer comes to work now. One dancer, my janitor and my bartender show up. But all the other assigned dancers and "charm client" assigned employees stay home. None of them are unhappy with their job, they just don't show up. This has made it impossible to run the club right: I need at least 1 janitor, 1 bartender, 1 dancer, and 1 "charm client" employee, otherwise customers get unhappy and leave. That's 4 jobs that need to be done and only 3 employees showing up for work. Plus, I would just like to have more than one dancer at a time (I already have multiple poles and dance spots).


I only have one sim on the lot when the club opens. And there are few, if any, NPCs wandering around at the time either. So it's not a matter of having too many sims on the lot. Both my game and my wicked whims mod are updated. I have "testingcheats on" on.


I've tried the following cheat codes:

ww.set_stripclub_dancers_employee_limit 8

ww.set_stripclub_employee_pool_size 8


The first code did nothing. The second code (which I got by using the ww.help code) made it so I could hire more dancers, but it did nothing it terms of actually getting hired dancers to show up for work.


What's going on? Is it glitching? Am I doing something wrong?


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I had a similar problem, my dj (always) and my dancers, bar tender, and janitors (sometimes) weren't coming to work. and I was only getting like 1 customer a night..
It turned out to be an out of date mod conflicting with WW and when I removed it (I had to use process of elimination, which took forever) everything went back to normal.
My club is doing booming business once again!
I'm sure you've already thought of a conflict ... but just in case ... do you have a mod from MTS called npcc? That was the cause for me.  Also, it could be a different mod, of course, but I just thought I'd ask in case lightning decided to strike twice. You never know.

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