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Animation Bugs - Furniture Marker Sex + SLAL Issue

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Hi All,


I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this issue I'm having where SLAnimGenerate.pyw is picking up errors in my packs, and not moving on past Billyy's packs to things like Anub's packs, FunnyBiz's packs, ZaZ's packs? 


I'm having FNIS generate 12,000 animations, going into Skyrim, installing SexLab and turning everything on, registering animations, and in the Furniture Marker Sex MCM menu I click to update and all the boxes are ticked (which I assume means that animations are available) but when I bring up the markers then cast on an npc to start animation I get a message 'No Furniture Animations Available' or words to that effect. 


I'm just not sure if I've installed things incorrectly or need to edit my  Data folder to better group things? I'd just like some advice (hopefully not 'reinstall all mods' please!)


animations folder.jpg

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