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Notebook Nvidia grapic card problem !!


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Hii everyone !! I have some problem with some games !!
it happen on hentai games Artificial Girl 3 !!
my notebook using geforce 610m that using hybird system that i can use integrated/ onboard graphic card !!
I have change the graphic from integrated to nvidia !!
But on ARTIFICIAL GIRL 3 still showing integrated graphic not nvidia graphic card !!

I tried another hentai games (ARTIFICIAL ACADEMY) it shows that nvidia was activate !!
Anyone have some similiar problem like that on notebook and solve it ??
please let me know !!
here's the screen shot !!






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Apparently Artificial Academy sees your GeForce so the real question here is does Artificial Girl 3 runs good or not, the system info provided by the game may not be up to date and not seeing your graphic card model but that does not mean it wont be used in the game.


basically the hybrid engine is meant to switch between the 2 graphic cards when you are using a full screen D3D or OpenGL application, when Artificial Girl 3 was released it was not possible to have an hybrid computer able to switch between graphic cards.


Same in the system info of AG3 you can see that your processor is detected as a Pentium 3, while it s probably not :)

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