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Male nipple piercing that doesn't require a different chest??

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Every male nipple piercing that I've seen out there requires a chest replacement (mostly luumia's bod-e). Is there one that uses ea's body as a base (that is an actual 3d model and not painted on)? Or is there a way to change the piercings that are made for different bodies easily? Because I want to use it with some tops that show the nipples, but they make the chest go back to normal when I have a replacement.

Here is a sim with noir's piercings and bod-e (that is required) so you can visualize the problem:

Sem título.png

Sem título1.png

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I don't know of any, and the earliest created mods I've ever seen that added piercings are also by creators that make their own chests. I suggest trying to edit the meshes yourself. It only seems intimidating looking at all the options on the program, but it's not as hard for this type of project, you just need to learn the hotkey that allows you to translate a selection, I'm sure any Blender tutorial will have that info in the first episode. Just open the package file with Sims4Studio, there's a section to export the mesh and once you finish editing you import it back in. Again, just as emphasis, it's not hard, all you'd have to do is select and translate.

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