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Mod that lets the player ride the under belly of a horse

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In short, the mod makes it so instead of press E and riding on a horse naturally, a menu will pop up and allow the player to either ride it normally, or instead be tied to the underside of the horse. No camera or control changes, the only thing the mod would do is a visual change of the player riding the underbelly of their horse. I love the roleplaying idea of losing to a bunch of bandits and them tying the player to the underbelly of their horse as punishment, or as Thane of a city, the Dragonborn celebrates a holiday by allowing themselves to be tied to the horses in the city stables and be paraded around.


There actually already is a mod that does this called Riding Styles 2 (linked below) that does this, but it's absolutely plagued with enough errors to the point of it being broken. Don't want this to turn into an issue thread for the mod, but for example, if you try to belly ride the same horse more than once using this mod, the game will glitch out and completely despawn the horse without it ever respawning. I've tried to fix it myself in the CK, but to no avail. If someone is brave and resourceful enough to repair the mod, that's fantastic and I'm assuming reduces the workload. But tbh, I think that creating a fresh mod from scratch that lets the player ride the belly of a horse is a better idea. 

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